Monday, 3 February 2014

codex scroll

Taking a paperback book I have carefully taken out the pages so I am left with a pile of paper and the empty cover.

A page is taken and rolled into a scroll. Working with the grain of the paper I have rolled the shortest edge from the 'top' to 'bottom' of the page.

Each scroll is similar yet unique. I enjoyed the process of rolling the scrolls: to really feel the paper and to work with the paper to create something new.

The scrolls are balanced into the empty cover. I intend to 'fix' the scrolls into the cover to make a 'book object.'

In the process of making I catch glimpses of the text.......

this process of altering a book has been inspired by my recent visit to the October Gallery to see the work of book artist Jukhee Kwon and to listen to her talk on the last day of the exhibition. 

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